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    March 31, 2023

    TITAN & CUBEX Restore DEA Compliance, Safety, and Efficiency at Columbia Veterinary Hospital


    On the brink of losing its DEA registration and potentially its practice for multiple controlled substance compliance violations, Columbia Veterinary Hospital was in need of expert solutions that would restore the facility’s compliancy and position it for safety and success in the future.





    Titan-Group-DEA-Inventory-Icon Titan-Group-DEA-Failure-Icon-1 Titan-Group-DEA-Failure-Icon-1
    Failure to Appropriately Record Info on DEA Form-222’s
    Failure to Appropriately Record Acquisitions to Inventory
    Failure to Keep and Maintain Complete and Accurate Dispensation Records
    Failure to Produce a Biennial Inventory



    Taking Action: Solutions

    The solutions began for Columbia Veterinary Hospital when it contacted CUBEX, the leader in veterinary narcotics safety and inventory management products and process solutions. As CUBEX began assisting the facility with its inventory management solutions, it advised Columbia Veterinary Hospital to contact the TITAN Group for assistance with the outstanding DEA and U.S. Dept. of Justice investigation.


    bank-1071  INSIGHT

    Did You Know: You can assess your business’ risk, for FREE, on the TITAN Group website? Get started in less than 60 seconds!


    The experience TITAN Group brings to the table is unmatched. They saved us from a serious financial headache. We are extremely pleased with their service and very happy to continue support services moving

    – Matthew Zedwick, Co-owner Columbia Veterinary Hospital

    The Audit

    TITAN Group immediately responded by sending two of its Diversion Investigators to the Columbia Veterinary Hospital to conduct its thorough and proprietary veterinary audit. During the audit, the TITAN Group Investigators evaluated the management and oversight of controlled substances at the hospital, while specifically focusing on the correction of the various issues noted by the U.S. Department of Justice.


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    Risks to safety, efficiency, and ultimately your business are not comprehensively addressed during an audit by the DEA. Proactively assessing your business will allow you to focus on the things you do best.

    Titan Execution

    The TITAN Group Investigators’ audit of Columbia Veterinary Hospital confirmed the violations cited by the DEA and revealed additional oversights to safety, efficiency, and potential threats to cash flow within the hospital. The TITAN Group agents implemented on-site remediation of the following issues:


    TITAN Execution



    CUBEX has been a wonderful addition to our practice, providing a 95% fix for controlled substance compliance. It is easy to work with and very efficient

    – Matthew Zedwick, Co-owner Columbia Veterinary Hospital

    CUBEX Installation

    Following the TITAN Group’s audit, CUBEX installed its state of the art MiniPlus, a DEA and 51-state compliant smart cabinet designed to track and bill medications within treatment areas. This installation, paired with the TITAN Group remediations, immediately provided a turnkey solution to the DEA violations.


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    You can potentially cover the cost of a CUBEX installation with the savings from DEA fines experienced working with TITAN Group.


    Cost Avoidance
    $350,000 in DEA fines reduced to $25,000 (92% cost avoidance)



    bank-1071 (1)  INSIGHT

    The entire TITAN audit was conducted over a two day period. TITAN Investigators identified and remediated issues with care during their visit.


    Annual Revenue Protection
    Protected $1M+ in annual revenue due to loss prevention of DEA registration


    Ongoing Support:
    Continuous compliance oversight for any issues that may arise


    Streamlined Operations
    Facility-wide controlled substance policies and procedures


    Rapid Detection Times
    100% Reduction in time to detect loss and/or theft


    Benefits from CUBEX Installation


     94% increase in overall efficiency due to full   automation of all DEA-mandated reports

    Real Time Tracking
    Real-time tracking of both active and back stock inventory of controlled substances

    Staff Safety & Accountability
    Dramatic improvement in staff safety with single-item access (one drug at a time) and the witness feature


    Automated transfer of back stock-to active stock function

    Patient Safety
    Enhanced patient safety with physical separation of different concentrations and strengths of the same medication, eliminating a key driver of dosing errors



    The TITAN Group audit of Columbia Veterinary Hospital (CVH) not only restored compliance in the facility, but protected the livelihoods of its owners and employees. With the installation of the CUBEX MiniPlus unit, CVH took steps to ensure that its patients and employees are protected, while also ensuring accurate and efficient tracking of controlled substances within the facility. Though CVH was on the verge of being shutdown for DEA violations, its willingness to contact CUBEX and TITAN gave them the solutions necessary to continue operating a thriving and compliant veterinary hospital.




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