We understand the DEA because we’ve been the DEA

Our team is made up of former DEA special agents and diversion investigators experienced at conducting controlled substances audits and criminal investigations of diversion.
Meet our team

Jack Teitelman


Jack has more than three decades of continuous leadership expertise in government, security, law enforcement and private industry.

For 26 years, he worked for the Department of Justice/Drug Enforcement Administration as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent, gaining extensive experience in all facets of complex criminal drug conspiracy investigations. He received numerous awards and commendations.

Jack has years of training in advanced technical electronics and security systems. He managed a sophisticated electronic surveillance program, including tactical and non-tactical technology-based solutions that enabled and enhanced the DEA’s intelligence and law enforcement functions. As a divisional security officer, he conducted physical security assessments, instituted safety programs and conducted numerous internal investigations of employees’ backgrounds and violations of agency standards.

He has successfully completed numerous foreign and domestic assignments that established his expertise in investigations, security and protection. He has corporate insight as well, having directed executive protection for a major hedge fund company, after retiring from the DEA.

Jack is joined by a vast network of leading investigators worldwide, who ensure that our clients receive the highest quality support and services.