Dealing with Drug Diversion

Controlled substances comprise of certain drugs that play a crucial role in treating, alleviating or managing some serious health conditions. However, they have a high risk of being misused or abused.

Unscrupulous elements are always trying to acquire them illegally and put them to illegitimate use. The reasons are aplenty – to enjoy a psychoactive ‘high’, to induce sleep, to stay awake or to avail pain relief. What they don’t realize is that this kind of abuse can lead to addiction, impair behaviour and emotions, turn toxic and even cause death.

This is why controlled substances are strictly regulated by the law! Indeed, the authorities aggressively check for diversion DEA and crack down heavily on defaulters.

Drug Diversion

What is Drug Diversion?

The acquiring and use of controlled substances in an illegal manner is known as drug diversion. This can take place at any point in the supply chain, right from the manufacturing or distributor level to the physician’s office, pharmacy or the patient himself. It can be perpetrated by the drug manufacturing companies themselves, the healthcare providers or their staff, or the pharmacists and their employees.

Even regular folks go to any lengths – from obtaining the prescriptions under false pretenses or forging/stealing prescriptions todirectly stealing from the hospital/pharmacy. The medications that are left overafter the treatment is complete can also be misused by the patient himself or others who gain access to the drugs.

Combatting Diversion DEA

The risks of drug diversion are high and the fallout can be very heavy. This is considered a serious offence and violators can end up in jail. The authorities also frown upon negligence of any kind that can abet such diversion.They will red flag and investigate even the slightest of suspicion – the healthcare provider or pharmacy is put under surveillance, investigated and criminal proceedings will be instigated if needed.

Therefore, the onus is on you as a DEA licensee to ensure that the controlled substances are stored and used properly without leaving any scope for theft, ‘doctor shopping’ or other forms of diversion. You cannot simply prescribe/dispense scheduled drugs to anyone who approaches you. There is a need for extreme care and caution to ensure that these addictive and potentially hazardous drugs are not abused in any manner. You have to be alert and wary at all times to apprehendthe signs and symptoms of people misusing controlled substances.

We Are In Your Corner!

When it comes to diversion DEA, there is a very thin line between lawful and unlawful conduct. Moreover, small details may escape your notice despite the best of care and vigilance.

Engaging our professional compliance services is the prudent solution here. We will review your workflow and procedures, assess the potential risks, recommend improvements in the processes, train the staff and even implement changes in the policies and operations. Furthermore, we will equip you to recognize the common signals of addictive disorders, spot diversion practices and prevent the same.

Why Titan Group?

Our team is composed of former DEA Special Agents, Diversion and State Investigators. We have decades of experience in the surveillanceof controlled substances,diversion DEA investigations and more. This makes us well-equipped to identify issues and deficiencies that are easily overlooked. We will also institute appropriate measures to prevent any kind of drug diversion. This way we will empower you to comply with the myriad regulations while keeping the community around you safe and healthy!