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We’re former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agents, Diversion and State Investigators. We have decades of experience in the management and oversight of controlled substances against the DEA Controlled Substances Act (CSA), as well as in criminal investigations of drug-diversion activity, both domestically and internationally.

Our team is made up of former DEA special agents and diversion investigators experienced at conducting controlled substances audits and criminal investigations of diversion.

As a registered entity for handling controlled substances, you are mandated  to maintain proper security and management to avoid potential mishandling, diversion and other illegal activities.There will be regular compliance audits to check whether your policies and operations conform with the regulations or not.

Indeed, healthcare providers, pharmacists and hospitals that deal with any of the drugs listed in Schedules II to V are subject to a series of federal rules and regulations as specified under the Controlled Substances Act. It begins with getting registered with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) for prescribing, dispensing, distributing or administering the controlled substances.

The DEA maintains constant oversight on all the registered entities and staying in complete DEA compliance at all times is a must. Even the smallest of violations (whether intentional or unintentional) can culminate in grave consequences – from hefty fines and reputation damage to loss of license and even imprisonment.

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In fines collected by the DEA from 2007-2015
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Healthcare providers
will abuse drugs
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The current federal fine for each regulatory compliance infraction


We identify gaps in your current controlled-substance procedures and security protocols to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. We thoroughly review and analyze your procedures, workflow and compliance to DEA and state regulatory regulations, and provide an in-depth assessment of your facility’s risk for drug diversion or failing a DEA regulatory audit. We help strengthen your practice’s policies, procedures and day-to-day operation, so you can focus on what’s most important: your patients.

We can help most healthcare businesses, including:


Our full suite of compliance-protection and fraud-detection services give you the peace of mind that your business, livelihood and staff are protected, patient safety is improved and your employees work in a safer environment. We help protect your company from the devastating fines and disastrous publicity that can irreparably harm your business and your reputation.

Loss of Inventory and Suppliers

Federal And/Or State Civil Fines

Reputational Damage

Loss Of Dea Registration

Attorney, Remediation And/Or Investigation Fees

Government Oversight Monitoring Plan And Rehabilitation Program Fees

Lost Revenue From Employee Turnover

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