Is your practice DEA-compliant?

Are you sure?

Now you can assess whether your management of controlled substances adheres to current DEA regulations, on your schedule, without leaving the office or having anyone visit.

Veterinary DEA Compliance Solution by Titan Group

Who is this for?

Veterinary DEA Compliance Solution by Titan Group

Small practices that can’t afford their own, in-house DEA compliance team or expert.

Veterinary DEA Compliance Solution by Titan Group

Larger practices or corporate entities that need to get a status report on compliance across multiple locations quickly and cost-effectively.

Veterinary DEA Compliance Solution by Titan Group

A new practice manager or inventory specialist that needs to take the temperature of current policies and procedures.

Veterinary DEA Compliance Solution by Titan Group

Veterinarians who have recently purchased, or are thinking about purchasing, a practice. (This is great way to analyze the risks you are taking on.)

Veterinary DEA Compliance Solution by Titan Group

Why do I need it?

You’re busy! Each day, you wear multiple hats, from owner to doctor to even janitor. You’re also responsible for consistently monitoring the status of DEA compliance standards in your practice. And the myriad of security and recordkeeping obligations can make that a challenge.

You know you need to stay on top of all this, but who has the time to invest in ensuring ongoing compliance, or even the knowledge to implement a full-scale compliance program? Unfortunately, it’s a common trap that can cause you to run afoul of state and DEA registration obligations. It can also lead to controlled-substance thefts, fines, lost revenue and, in some cases, forfeiture of DEA registrations.

The TITAN Group DEA Compliance Analysis:

the first step to knowing your practice is safe, legally compliant and can best serve patients.
Veterinary DEA Compliance Solution by Titan Group

What is it exactly?

A virtual assessment of your facility’s overall level of compliance with federal (DEA) requirements. It can identify gaps that exist between your current controlled-substances compliance program and the DEA requirements for veterinary facilities.

We help:

  • Identify gaps between your practice, current federal DEA controlled-substance requirements under Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations, as well as your state’s requirements.
  • Determine best practices to make your facility DEA-compliant.
  • Support your actual implementation of recommendations.

How does it work?

It’s fast, simple and affordable. You’ll be assigned a TITAN Expert who will walk you through the entire analysis.

  1. Complete a series of online questions.
  2. Upload the required documents to our secure, HIPPA-compliant server via your smart phone or scanner.
  3. Your TITAN Expert will schedule a real-time meeting via telephone or video conference to discuss essential questions.
  4. Your information is reviewed and analyzed and, within a few days, you receive your personalized Compliance Analysis Report.
  5. Your TITAN Expert will schedule time to walk you through the findings and discuss the best approaches to getting your practice 100% compliant.

What else should I know?

  • Under the current restrictions related to the COVID-19 coronavirus emergency, this is an ideal, virtual solution to evaluate your practice’s compliance situation, and have it ready to return to normal operations with confidence.
  • No disruptions to your regular business operations.
  • Minimal lead time.
  • You get an immediate action plan to achieve DEA compliance.
  • Access to your reports 24/7 on our secure, HIPAA-compliant server.

How do I order?

To find out if the TITAN DEA Compliance Analysis is right for your practice, fill out the form below. One of our field representatives will contact you, walk you through the process and answer any questions. Pricing starts as low as $2,950 for a single-facility assessment, and discounts are available for multi-facility operations.

Veterinary DEA Compliance Solution by Titan Group

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