DEA compliance rules and regulations are more complicated than ever, and unannounced visits to healthcare providers — by both federal and state agencies — is becoming increasingly prevalent. Our full suite of DEA compliance and drug diversion-prevention services is designed to assess your risk, provide remedial solutions and give you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best: care for patients.

Here’s What We Do:

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DEA Risk Inspection

Onsite facility inspection that thoroughly reviews your end-to-end control environment (including receiving and storage, security standards, employee screening, proper processes and use of alarms, monitoring and other equipment). We provide you with a scorecard that evaluates compliance and identifies the weaknesses that could put you at risk.

Mock-DEA Inspections

Conduct announced and unannounced mock-DEA investigations to identify and address gaps in your team’s performance. This one-day exercise, utilizing multiple TITAN Investigators, approximates the intensity of a real inspection. Together we analyze your logistics capabilities, corporate procedures and information systems to determine whether you can handle the documentation and data demands of an inspection.

Regulatory Compliance Audit

An in-depth review of your controlled substance policy and procedures, including purchasing, dispensing, waste disposal, record-keeping, physical security and all regulatory requirements stated in the CSA and your state’s regulations. Ensures support for the accreditation process and/or regulatory compliance to meet DEA/state standards.

Report of Findings & Recommendations

We provide a detailed report of findings — post mock-inspection and/or compliance audit —delineated by CSA code section / Title 21 of the CFR, and provide recommendations for remediation.


Review and update or create a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual for employee guidance and reference. Includes proper handling and record keeping, security, inventory control and all other record-keeping requirements (background checks, powers of attorney (POAs), Form 222, standards of conduct etc.). Work directly with you and your team to develop a remediation plan that stresses the importance of maintaining an in-control operation.

Employment Security

Review employee hiring and screening practices, drug testing systems and background-check processes to lower the risk of hiring individuals who may be a threat to your business.

Training & Education

Post-remediation training courses keep your entire staff updated on procedural changes, and current on trends, issues and proactive measures to detect and prevent controlled-substance diversion.


Our team-based structure ensures appropriate, effective and discreet client focus, and is designed to make doing business with TITAN simple, before, during and after our engagement.

Your full-spectrum diversion-prevention assessment includes:

Complete report on risks and gaps related to your facility’s handling of controlled substances
Recommendations/options for process improvement
Implementation plan where we can actually work with your team to make improvements

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