A complete guide to DEA form 222

The DEA Drug Enforcement Administration functions strictly all over the United States with support from federal governments to prevent controlled substance diversion and ensure that prescribed drugs used, are solely administered in treating patients. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2019 the misuse of drugs in the United States killed nearly 50,000 people from an overdose of opioid overdose. After 1990, opioid pain relievers were included as prescription medicines and medical practitioners began prescribing them. However, the widespread misuse of the controlled substance drug cited an increased consumption since 2017, killing more than 47,000 citizens. The prescription drugs included other controlled substances besides opioids were heroin and illicitly produced fentanyl, a synthetic opioid. An estimated 1.7 million were addicted to opioid pain relievers, and 652,000 were showing disorder symptoms from heroin addiction. The DEA, therefore, acts with the strictest regulations to prevent the misuse of controlled substance drugs.


What is a DEA form 222?

DEA form 222, allows DEA registrants to transfer Schedule I and II controlled substance drugs and also comply with record-keeping good practices. DEA looks for support from stakeholders and endeavors to build a better environment preventing drug diversion.

The DEA FORM 222 is changed from a triplicate carbon form to a one-sheet paper form. Those registered and purchasing controlled substances can retain electronic copies from registered locations. Form 222 also includes the power of attorney with an electronic signature in the presence of two witnesses under section 1305. 05. DEA registrants are not required to sign or mention the date on the DEA from 222. Copies of form 222 are also not mandatory but must be submitted if desired by a registered DEA officer.

What should you do if you misplace your DEA form 222?

If the DEA form 222 is misplaced, lost or stolen a registrant can execute another form with an attached statement of the order and form number and the date of the missing form should be motioned. In the statement ensure that a mention of all the goods covered by the first form and the ones that were not received from the loss of the stolen form are noted. The registrant must retain a copy of the second form and a statement on the loss of the first form. Both should be attached and sent to the supplier, if the supplier finds the original form, then the new DEA form 222 can be marked ‘Not Accepted’ and this should be informed to the DEAs local field officer.

What is the procedure for cancelling the DEA form 222 after it is submitted to suppliers?

If a purchaser wishes to cancel the DEA form 222 it needs to be notified in writing to the supplier requesting cancellation. The supplier should indicate in writing that the DEA form 222 has been cancelled by drawing a line through the items that have been cancelled and also printing ‘cancelled’ on them. In the space add the number of shipped items. For cancelled electronic orders and how to proceed with them in compliance with the DEA regulations, you can take help from an expert DEA consultant to ensure that you make no mistakes.

How is the DEA form 222 executed?

The DEA form 222 can be executed with the use of a typewriter, computer printer, pen or indelible pencil according to the DEA.

The numbers should be carefully entered in the number line without overlapping. An item should include one or more commercial or bulk containers of the same substance. The form should register the number of lines noted and completed at the space provided at the bottom. The DEA form 222 is for controlled substances dealing with schedule I &II drugs.

You must mention the name and the address of the supplier. The name of one supplier should be registered. The DEA regulation number of the supplier is also required in the DEA form 222.

The DAE form 222 needs to be signed and the date should be mentioned by the authorized individual or the person granted the power of attorney should sign the DEA form 222. If the purchaser is different from the individual signing the DEA form 222, the signature needs to be included in the space.

If any unexecuted form is executed in a location away from the registered printed location in the form then it must be noted that the DEA form 222 must be delivered without delay to the registered location.

The DEA form 222 can be signed and executed by which persons?

Those given the power of attorney by the registrant authorized to sign the DEA form 222. Those registered with the DEA can authorize any number of individuals to obtain and execute the DEA form 222 through a power of attorney. If you wish to know who can sign the power of attorney to ensure its validity, you can consult a DEA expert and consultant.

The power of attorney can be signed as mentioned above firstly by the registrant, a partner of the registrant, officer of the registrant incorporate, associate or division within the same body, the person to whom the power of attorney is being granted and the two witnesses.

A valid power of attorney should have these provisions: 

It can be signed electronically by all persons that are required to sign it. At any time the power of attorney can be revoked by the person who received recent DEA registration or registration application or by the two witnesses.

The power of attorney should be filed on the DEA form 222 and should be produced readily on inspection.

If understanding the DEA form 222 is a bit confusing, you must connect with the DEA expert who can guide you through the DEA complaint regulations.

What can you do when the DEA form 222 business ceases to exist?

If the business on schedule I &II controlled substance drugs discontinues for reasons that could be an end of the professional practice, the business stops due to legal issues, if a sudden death occurs of the registrant the unexecuted DEA form 222 orders should be returned to the DEA. A purchaser should also return the unused orders in the DEA form 222 if the registration of the controlled substance drug is suspended or revoked.


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