Oradell Animal Hospital

Since completing our DEA audit in April 2018, we are more compliant than ever. If we are audited, I have the security of knowing that TITAN is on my side and will assist with the process every step of the way.

Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center

We engaged the TITAN Group to undergo a gap analysis, which was a very easy process.  They identified both our strengths and weaknesses so we decided to move forward with a full audit.  Now if the DEA comes knocking at our door, we will be 100% complaint.

Ethos Veterinary Health

TITAN’s expertise gave us the ability to assess our regulatory risk in one seamless process across 17 locations.Titan is very easy to work with and extremely flexible.


We hired TITAN Group to assess DEA compliance at each of our hospitals. Their team has impressed me since the day I first met Jack and Bruce, and I highly recommend their services to any company looking to mitigate risk or assess regulatory compliance....