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Whether you’ve been awarded a cannabis license or you’re in the running for one, compliance is key to your success. It should always be in the forefront of any operational planning, because in an industry exploding with possibility, your risk can be as high as your reward. Whether you’re just jumping in, or you’ve been in it for years, cannabis is loaded with traps, especially for the inexperienced and the complacent. Security issues. Supply chain vulnerabilities. Regulatory compliance. Staff training. Employee and business partner due diligence. Community relations. There’s a lot to think about.

Compliance is #1.

Procrastinating about implementing an iron clad compliance program, or worse, neglecting it completely, can quickly become the Achilles heel of your business. Complying with the innumerable—and ever-changing—federal, state and local cannabis laws and regulations is no easy task. Unfortunately, failure to do so can be devastating. While compliance solutions are certainly not the most exciting part of your job, setting up and prioritizing a cannabis compliance program will protect your investment and significantly decrease threats and disruptions to your business.

Nobody knows the DEA like we do.

Unlike other compliance firms, we know the DEA because we’ve been the DEA. When you work with TITAN Group Cannabis Security Solutions, you’re supported by an experienced team of former/retired DEA, state and local compliance experts, ranging from DEA supervisory special agents, taskforce officers, pharmacists and packaging professionals, all with decades of expertise covering all aspects of regulatory compliance. Our team of experts specializes in identifying issues and deficiencies that otherwise may be overlooked. And helping businesses avoid visits from the DEA.

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What we do.

We provide a full suite of regulatory compliance and security solutions for existing businesses and start-ups operating in the commercial cannabis industry. Beginning with the licensing process, our compliance solutions are designed to assist cannabis operators in not only developing a compliance program, but also assisting with implementation and providing continuing compliance support to your business.

From seed to sale, we tackle security issues, staff training, the development of standard operating procedures, remediating regulatory compliance issues, conducting internal inspections/investigations and identifying supply chain gaps, whether you’re an individual organization or multi-state operation.

We partner with all cannabis operations—marijuana, hemp or both—from analytical testing labs to dispensaries to cultivation operations, or any combination of businesses.

We help companies avoid costly compliance pitfalls with solutions for:

  • Facility security
  • Inventory management
  • Licensing assistance
  • Diversion investigations
  • Developing cannabis-specific SOPs
  • Continuing compliance support
  • Staff education and training
  • Litigation support
  • Per diem consulting

We’re here to help.

Our team of experts understands how to bring every aspect of your cannabis operation into compliance. Our approach to supporting your cannabis supply chain is fueled by our in-depth experience fighting drug-related criminal activity. We’ve seen the dark side of this business, and we’re dedicated to helping healthy, growing businesses avoid it.

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