Trust but verify

Don’t risk your DEA license. The three keys to preventing employee theft of controlled drugs are evaluate, investigate and reiterate.

Let’s start with a simple fact: Employees can and will steal from your drug inventory if given the opportunity. A Drug Diversion Digest report tracking the diversion of controlled substances over a six-month period found that 71% of incidents involved an employee. Sadly, this often includes people you consider “family.”

The privilege of a DEA registration – Two sides of the coin

As our investigative experts work with veterinary practices across the country, one regulatory compliance issue that we see causing confusion over and over again is both one of the most basic and yet seems to cause the most confusion – the DEA registration. Getting a registration and maintaining it can take just a few simple steps, but seems to be at the core of many veterinary practitioner’s questions and concerns.

WARNING When Taking This Medication

Did you know that the average American fills approximately 12 prescriptions a year? Most of us have medicine cabinets filled with orange plastic bottles that read: Warning- Do not operate heavy machinery or drive while taking this medication. Warning labels are...

A Billion-dollar Band-Aid

Day after day, countless headlines tell stories about lives tragically cut short by opioids. The problem of prescription drug abuse and overdose is complex and multi-faceted. In addition to the overwhelming number of overdoses, destroyed lives and broken families,...